Rep. McCotter from Michigan

Mark my words…this guy is one corrupt dude. It takes some to know some. I get the same feeling watching him that I did watching Anthony Wiener (now, of course, of Wienergate fame).


2 thoughts on “Rep. McCotter from Michigan

  1. Welcome back! I don’t know anything about this guy and this clip really does not give you a context for why he is making this point. One thing I would say though is that there is no doubt that the Chinese do have a very repressed people. There have been numerouse stories in the news of human right violations. There is no doubt that you love the Chinese people but that does not mean the government does not have some serious problems.

  2. Oh, no doubt the government is insane and that human rights violations happen. The government has massive problems far more serious than that of the United States’. This guy could have been standing up there talking about Ronald McDonald and I still would have thought he was corrupt. Just something about him…like how you could tell that something was wrong with Anthony Weiner or (I think) Barney Frank just by watching them.

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