Hong Kong Diaries: PART III

On Friday I went to the “Mandarin Ward” activity. I put it in quotations, because 90% of the time they speak Cantonese, start feeling guilty, and speak poor Mandarin for the other 10% of the time. It actually ended up being very fun. We had snacks and then broke off to play different games (Mah Jeung of course being one of them). It was in Sai Kung, which is considered by the city-dwellers to be rural. While there I often felt like I was in Mexico; the atmosphere is laid back, there is lots of concrete surrounded by jungle, and the buildings are somewhat run-down. Afterwards Trevor and I had the best pizza I have had since I left America.

That night was the fireworks show. I didn’t really know about it but just happened to walk out onto the street as it was starting. I had been huddled in a small Indian store trying to get on the internet. The streets were absolutely packed with people. The show itself was quite impressive.

Sai Kung, west of the New Territories in Hong Kong.

Saturday was an outdoor YSA activity that included members from all four stakes in Hong Kong. It was in the northern part of the New Territories and was very beautiful. It finally allowed me an opportunity to do some catching up with friends, and there were seven of us there who had served in the same mission in Toronto.

Don't blame me. It was the cheapest T-shirt I could find (and the one with the least embarrassing logo).

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