Colbert Can Quote Scripture in Context!

Much to the dismay of Fox News, Stephen Colbert was asked to testify before Congress this week about his work with United Farm Workers of America, an organization that invites any American to come and do the work that migrant farm workers do. During his short message he largely stayed in character as a faux Conservative pundit. But at the end, in what Politico called his “lone moment of sincerity,” he showed his true self.

When asked by a member of Congress why he chose to tackle the issue of migrant workers, he replied:

“I like talking about people who don’t have any power…and this seems like one of the least powerful people in the United States—the migrant workers who come and do our work, but don’t have any rights as a result. And yet, we still invite them to come here, and at the same time ask them to leave. That is an interesting contradiction to me. And, ‘Whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers’ –these seem like the least of our brothers, right now…Migrant workers suffer, and have no rights.”


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