Brooks and Tea Party

In his column this week, David Brooks refutes, and soundly so, I believe, claims by the Left that the Tea Party is hurting the Republican Party. He says that it has certainly helped in the short term, and will help in the upcoming elections. But what is true in the short run isn’t necessarily true in the long run. He offers a very trite and succinct summary of the Tea Party, one of the best I have heard so far:

“This doesn’t mean that the Tea Party influence will be positive for Republicans over the long haul. The movement   carries viruses that may infect the G.O.P. in the years ahead. Its members seek traditional, conservative ends, but they use radical means. Along the way, the movement has picked up some of the worst excesses of modern American culture: a narcissistic sense of victimization, an egomaniacal belief in one’s own rightness and purity, a willingness to distort the truth so that every conflict becomes a contest of pure good versus pure evil.”


One thought on “Brooks and Tea Party

  1. You think that this is a “trite and succint summary of the tea part?” Tell me, what are the ‘radical means’ that the tea party uses? Is getting involved in the issues and holding rallies ‘radical?’ What is different about what the tea party is doing than what right or left has done since the founding of our country? I can’t find anything accurate about this quote. “Narcissistic sense of victimization?” Give me an example. This sounds like the left to me. Using the race card every chance they get, smothering hard-working,upper and middle class American’s claiming they are the opressers of the poor while the government is opressing all of us and our grand children with out-of-control spending. What “truth” are we distorting? Give me an example. Sounds like a very ignorant statement to me.

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