Sarah Palin + Green Day = A lot of confused people.

Sarah Palin and Green Day have a lot in common.

Green Day as a band amazes me because of their ability to succeed without talent. On nothing but power chords, they have sold millions of albums. Likewise, Sarah Palin amazes me because despite being dull-witted, ignorant, and incredibly tactless, she continues to draw attention and win supporters.

She is all over the board….telling Twitter followers to arm themselves, not knowing what the Bush doctrine is, ignorant of geography etc. Usually she is fairly easy to dismiss for me. But her latest move irks me for some reason. She has been praising Thomas Sewell’s article linking Obama to Hitler.

Sewell writes, “When Adolf Hitler was building up the Nazi movement in the 1920s, leading up to his taking power in the 1930s, he deliberately sought to activate people who did not normally pay much attention to politics.”

I want you to stop and think about this statement.

Obama is simply trying to get people involved, for an understandable reason. He knows it will ultimately have to be on a local level that change will happen. It is a very unfortunate analogy used by Sowell. It is akin to saying, “Hitler had a mustache, and so did Mark Twain…Look everybody! Look at our country! Hitler published Mein Kampf, and people read it. Now look what is happening to our nation reading Mark Twain!”

But Thomas Sowell will be Thomas Sowell. My question is, where is Palin coming from? And even worse, how do people continue to take her seriously?


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