Serpent on the Pole

“This morning, on the radio, I heard something about the serpent on the pole. He said that the answers to today’s social and political problems are right in front of us! They are easy! All we have to do is look! But so many people, because of the simpleness and easiness of the way just…don’t look.”

“But do you really believe that? Aren’t today’s problems incredibly dimensional and complex?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“So how do people miss because of the simpleness and easiness of the way? Why didn’t people just look? Are we really supposed to take that scripture seriously?”

“Well, it is scripture.”

“Yes, but people are like water. Always looking for an easy way out. Imagine! If all you had to do was look! Ha! It would certainly make Abraham feel like he got the short end of the stick!”

“Think of the converts to Christ. Today they would come flocking to Him! ‘Just a simple glance is all it takes…look and live!’”

“I have to say I have never met a person who honestly would refuse to look. I myself have never shied away from anything because it was too easy. I have shied away from things because I thought the cross would be too heavy to bear.”

“Well maybe some people, like the Jews, just ‘look past the mark.’”

“Ha! Look past the mark? Sometimes I lose sight of the mark altogether! If only my sight was so lofty as to look past such a wonderful creature! Give us our simple bread with a promise and we will come flocking to You! You know that! Ask something of us, give us our agency, and we will quit! Why? Why couldn’t you have just given us our simple bread?”

“Salvation was never intended to be so easy.”

“There, and that is all I have been trying to say. No indeed, it was not. How, then, is it too easy for some?”


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