Operation Ignoramus

Russell Pearce, Mesa resident, prominent Mormon, and Arizona politician has drafted a very controversial anti-immigration bill that is set to pass in Arizona. The bill is the strictest in the nation thus far, saying that “police must stop people on ‘reasonable suspicion’ that they might be undocumented immigrants. If they’re not carrying a valid driver’s license or identification papers, police could make an arrest.”

Which makes me wonder…is it possible that in the future there could be a bill allowing police to arrest d-bags on site?

Politico ran an article this week that said, “Pearce is a longtime anti-immigration advocate who once praised a 1950s deportation program known as ‘Operation Wetback.'”

Maybe it was the nature of the way I grew up, but I have always pictured God as looking past the Harvard education, the white skin, and the wealth. And if He does exactly that with Mr. Pearce, what is left? Is it anything different than what would remain if God looked past the wetback?

While reading Dante’s Inferno, I couldn’t help but picture Dante sitting in his room getting excited conjuring up images of torture in hell, having the sinner pay a price especially pertinent to his sin.

Tonight I can’t help but feel like ripping a page out of Dante’s book in prescribing a punishment for Mr. Pearce: Spend one year in Ciudad Juarez and see if you wouldn’t do just about anything to get to America.


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