Romney’s No Apology Tour

On Saturday night I attended Mitt Romney’s speech for his tour promoting his new book No Apologies: The Case for American Greatness. Romney oozed with self confidence, and I guess that is what it takes from a man that was close to being the most powerful man on earth. He is a very powerful and persuasive speaker.

Romney wasted no time jumping into the meat of his talk with a joke. He remarked that he was at the Vancouver Olympics and was thrilled to see Lindsay Vonn win the downhill. But afterwards he spoke in Washington and said that he was sorry to hear that Vonn was stripped of her gold medal because “Obama had gone downhill faster.” And this was the basis for his talk as well as his book. He feels that America should not apologize for any wrongdoing, because America has been the single greatest factor for good. In this regard he is very critical of President Obama and what he calls Obama’s “Apology Tour,” where Obama apologized to other nations for American misdeeds.

Overall, his speech was very idealized, speaking often of great American values and goodness. He hopes for a world where America remains the unilateral and dominant power, and his greatest fear is losing power in relation to other countries.

The crowd of mostly senior citizens was very responsive and warm. The very last question fielded was a familiar one for Romney: “Are you going to run for President in 2012?” Romney answered, “I would like to apologize (Did he really just apologize?), but I don’t have the answer to that right now.”


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