Global Weirding?

Thomas Friedman wrote and interesting piece in the New York Times about “Global Weirding.” Because Washington and the East Coast have received so much snow lately, many people have been led to question the legitimacy of global warming. But a close examination of claims by the best scientists reveal that global warming perhaps isn’t the best term for the climate. While some places do warm, other places will experience bizarre and uncharacteristic weather patterns. Thus the name global weirding.

I agree with Friedman that the scientists need to do a few things. They need to organize and find only the best of the best and publish a 50 page paper that “a sixth grader could read.” In it, they need to include what we know, and what we don’t. This would do wonders in the wake of scandals in which too many so-called scientists are pushing their own agendas by making up or manipulating data.

From there we could begin working on a cleaner future, and in this way would be investing in a sort of insurance. This type of investment can only help our future. It would help us establish cheaper, cleaner, and more efficient transportation. Most importantly, it would drastically decrease our dependence on Middle Eastern oil.


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